Seasonal Gardens 2019

Strange Worlds

The Seasonal Gardens in the island’s park are an integral part of every Flower Year. The five approx. 100 square metre gardens are dedicated to a specific motto and can be seen for just one season. Visitors can experience the various interpretations by landscape architecture students on the theme “Strange Worlds” from 17 May until 20 October 2019.

The students took part in a design competition the previous year. The five best designs were chosen and the gardens built the following spring. Students from the University of Nürtingen and also students from a second university, which is a different one each year, take part in the competition. Over the past ten years, participants came from the German university and also from other universities in European countries such as Sweden or Poland.

It’s a two-day competition. The challenge is to present not only a design for a 100square metre garden but also plans for its construction and planting. The students work in pairs consisting of one student from each university.

The students present their designs to a jury made up of supervising professors and representatives from both landscaping companies and Mainau GmbH at the end of the competition. After several rounds of deliberation, the jury then announces the five winning designs. Mainau GmbH’s gardening department then refines the planning process in line with student’s designs.

Building the gardens begins in February. The competition winners and apprentices from member companies of the Association Garden, Landscape and Sports Field Architecture Baden-Württemberg build the largest part of the gardens in a two-week workshop. The goal is to bring aspiring practitioners and aspiring theorists together on a construction site. In this way, the apprentices and students gain valuable experience of organizing and building projects together.

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